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State Farm hurts the Heartland (Institute)

In north central Lincolnland the corporate headquarters of State Farm Insurance arise from the maize and soybean desert like a black monolith reminiscent of the scifi movie 2001.  The president once told me in a polite email, in response to my criticism of their failure to accept climate change, that the jury was still out and he indicated that the SF corporate position was in line with that of many "experts", real experts, not just a university biologist whose opinion just doesn't count for very much.  But thank you for your concern and long association with our company.  Hello, Allstate!  Well, of course those experts may well have been the Heartland Institute's experts, those professional deniers and corporate shills.  Here's an open letter to SF from a climate scientist announcing his decision to change insurers, using the free market approach to influence their corporate behavior, and pointing out how doing nothing about the situation is going to do nothing but hurt their bottom line.  Now SF has withdrawn its support from Heartland because of its despicable ad campaign the Phactor mentioned the other day.    

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