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Botanical Geek Tour #4

Final grades are not quite ready and the semester isn't quite over, but WTF.  It's time for our fourth botanical geek tour.  Our garden itinerary consists of Longwood Gardens, Bartram Gardens, the Scott Arboretum (Swarthmore), the Morris Arboretum (U Penn), and for a bit of bio-balance the Phillie Zoo.  My travel advisor has also scouted the area for restaurants because eating well is an important part of geek tours.  These may include Moshulu, the Iron Hill Brewery, and a seafood place (?) in Reading Terminal, but otherwise we'll make it up as we go along.  So this is your last chance to try to influence our travels with your recommendations.  Hopefully some blog reports and photos will follow if time and facilities allow blogging, so if Phytophactor blogs are a bit in frequent, then just eat your hearts out about the trip.  In particular this trip was planned before it was obvious our spring would be so weird in terms of early flowering times and we are curious about the conditions of these gardens.  Only our latest Rhododendrons are still flowering.

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