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Just like a Monday, Monday

Memorial Day is just like a Monday because actually it is a Monday.  It started with a loud crack at about 2 AM, and it was very loud because it woke me up and the windows were closed because we finally gave up and turned the AC on.  Nothing else happened and sleep was returning when the emergency flashing lights appeared.  The connection between the two wasn't obvious, nor was it clear what the emergency vehicle was doing out there, but no one was knocking on our door, so close to sleep again, but then new brighter emergency lights appeared, and all became obvious.  A large (2 foot diam) branch from the basswood across the street had cracked, and a very large limb was blocking the entire street and resting on the utility wires across the street right above our driveway.  OK this might affect the AC and the fans.  But these emergency tree guys have the best toys, and they are experienced, and after deciding how to attack the problem it probably only took them one and a half hours to clear up the whole thing, and they did so without bringing down the wires!  So morning arrived at the usual time a bit sleep deprived, fought with the need the coffee to make the coffee paradox and lost with the result of coffee grounds spilled across the kitchen.  Ah, well, that's why it's a paradox.  And then to further enforce the Mondayness of it all, our bi-weekly Monday cleaning crew showed up because they would rather clean and get paid than have a Monday off.  So while shuffling off to get out of their path, more coffee gets spilled (Understand why cleaners are needed?), so the safest thing to do, perhaps, is see if the cable is working and blog.  But if the Phactor waits too much longer the heat of the day and sun will reach his kitchen garden, and there are things to plant.  Coffee is needed before launching into anything productive, so back to the paradox, and Mrs. Phactor reminds me that need of coffee has been satisfied (?) so the paradox and other excuses no longer apply.  Without question it is a Monday. 

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CelticRose said...

What? You haven't learned to make coffee in your sleep yet? Amateur! ;)