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Endurance record?

My dear younglings, you will probably find this not only remarkable, but an unbelievable record of endurance, one that only someone of some age could achieve, and by no means all of us.  Yes, so here it is.  On my daily walk to and from work, the Phactor goes without any musical input, telephone or internet access for 20 minutes!  As best can be determined, this is longer than anyone under 30 has gone in over a decade by at least a factor of 10.  What deprivation!  What endurance!  Why nothing whatever to do but think, alone with your own thoughts, an experience without precedent among students of my acquaintance.  But there you have it; a record nonetheless.


Carol Steel said...

This made me laugh. Then it made me think. There is much to be gained from 20 minutes of listening to the sounds around me while just walking and thinking. Something I often do, but then I am not a youngling.

Joseph said...

Recently, I spent three days without internet, and only realized when I got home that my phone had been dead the entire time... and I didn't even notice. And yes, I'm under 30. So there, got you beat.

The Phytophactor said...

Extraordinary indeed! Now what matters is whether you viewed your deprivation with dismay and made sure you phone was properly charged, or whether you gained enlightenment from the episode.