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North Carolina takes new approach to global warming - make it illegal.

States and countries with significant coastlines should be quite concerned as Greenland's ice cap melts because low lying areas along their shore lines will be submerged, although NC is luckier than most because most of its significant cities are not coastal.  A meter rise in sea level is predicted within a century, but since the melting is probably not a steady rate, things may change significantly faster.  So what do concerned leaders do about a rising sea level?  It's so simple!  Make it illegal in North Carolina for the sea level to rise.  You hear that Atlantic Ocean?  You hear that Arctic ice?  And to really cap it off, they made it illegal to measure rising sea levels so that politicians who don't like what science tells them never, ever have to confront reality.  Wow!  Those NC politicians really know how to take care of things, in never-never land.  Good bye Wilmington; hello Asheville!  Actually the reason for posting this is that it's one way to feel good about your own state representatives.  HT to Scientific American blogs.

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