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Likes and dislikes save spinach

Everyone has likes and dislikes, and in this particular case, fortunately, woodchucks do not like spinach.  So while the Phactor's lettuce and broccoli have been "set back" for a second time, inspite of extensive fencing, the spinach was avoided because spinach, probably the oxalic acid, is on the woodchuck dislike list. In the spirit of if fate gives you lemons make lemonaide, the spinach has been avoided, so tonight we enjoyed a wilted spinach salad, made with remarkably tender greens, although who knows when we'll have any broccoli.  By the way, should you ever need to live trap a woodchuck, the Phactor would suggest that the bait that will get a woodchuck to walk into a trap is a slice of muskmelon.  They love  muskmelon, but don't like spinach. 

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