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Mailbag - Conference Invitation

Wow!  The 7th International Conference of Climate Change Denialism is being hosted by Heartland Institute those wonderful people who used to shill for Big Tobacco by denying that smoking was harmful.  Here's some of the insightful questions that will be addressed by "Real Science" to provide you with "Real Choices".  Is carbon dioxide "pollution" or a boon to human and plant life?  Would future warming be harmful or beneficial?  In man-made global warming a fact or a theory? Sounds like Heartland has been learning from the Discovery Institute.  But you know only us left-wing nut cases, mad scientists, and environmental terrorists actually believe these things, which raises the question of why if you are only trying to counter a few far left crazies, is the HI spending so much money to throw a conference and produce all those "real science" billboards?  You would just ignore fringe cranks because obviously main line science would be on your side.  So right away you smell something a bit off.  So even though the world's leading climate scientists, policy experts, and political leaders will be at the conference, us crazies have field work to do, more of that unreal science.  

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