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Honeydew weekend

A beautiful weekend is in the offing, not cold and rainy like a week ago, but the chores are piling up.  After working at a plant sale for an arboretum, the rest of the morning was spent planting some of the plants from the plant sale, cleaning pond filters, fixing an aeration stone, moving a garden table and chairs into the garden, cleaning out a garden fountain pond, cleaning up a fountain, installing one inside the other and adding water, moving a bird feeder so that the seed scavengering squirrels don't trample Mrs. Phactor's hosta into the ground, fixing the squirrel baffle, locating the kitchen window, balcony door, and porch door screens, cleaning said screens, cleaning said windows (but only on the outside), and it's just 12:30 pm.  But the chores will stop early because of the obligation to drink a mint julep and eat some guacamole, this being Cinco de Mayo Derby Day.  Some people may watch a horse race, but the Phactor is just in it for the bourbon, one of the justifications for growing mint and getting out the monogrammed sterling silver mint julep cups.  Oh, you don't have such cups?  As explained by the Kentucky cousin who gave them to us 42 years ago, "Y'all can't right proper be married without julep cups."  Undoubtedly the reason for our marriage's success.

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