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Music to my ears!

It's 91 F (32.8C) today, and tomorrow promises to be hotter.  Even though the spring was early, our herb and kitchen gardens are late.  So naturally, hot weather arrives to better assist us in gardening, that and the lack of rain, a great duo.  Terrific.  Ah, but what's that marvelous sound?  Why it's the sound of a 20-something back shoveling some of the 10 cubic yards of wood mulch and shipping it around the gardens.  Yes.  This is money being well spent and well earned, the more so because a colleague is happy to have her son actually outside doing physical labor for a decent wage ($2.65 an hour and all the grass he can eat).  It actually isn't so bad as many parts of our yard are always shaded, so you can move your efforts around during the day, and our massive white house withstands the heat quite well without the AC.  Most of our neighbors have already started theirs running.  The most important thing about such early dry heat is to keep the mulch spreader and all of our newly planted trees and shrubs well watered.  In the meantime, having worn himself out, the Phactor is pondering the deep meaning of margarita while planning a "treat yourself well" dinner.

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