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Dry, dry, dry

Some things are meant to be dry: wine, towels, gin, martinis, gun powder, humor.  Gardens are not in that category, and now the early heat, the lack of seasonal rain, and the minimal winter precipitation are all combining to make the end of May way too dry, and it's a deep dry.  Advice: water the crap out of any newly plantings if you have any hope of having them survive. Think of it as insurance to protect your investment.  Water the crap out of any trees or shrubs you planted last year too.  Trees that were under watered last year are basically toast; some are already going down for the count.  A further note to inexperienced waterers: long and slow is the way to go.  Once you think you've actually watered something adequately, dig a plug and see just how deeply you watering penetrated.  You may be in for a big surprise at how superficial your watering is, and this is doubly bad because you leave with the impression that you have watered.  The combination of near drought conditions and political rhetoric, which can dessicate your brain, bode badly for the summer months. 

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