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Youth of the Sixties meets the Rapture

So the rapture is eminent. Sure. But as a youth of the sixties, back then you might have convinced me. Let's see the Phactor helped people build bomb shelters in their basements in the early sixties; my very pragmatic father said, "If they start throwing H-bombs around, it won't matter." Lost friends to drugs. Lost friends in the race riots and voter registration violence. Cities burned and it was ugly. And then we moved right straight on to Vietnam. Lost friends there too. So you needed cheerful tunes to stay upbeat. Do you hear it? Wait, my old fashioned amp and those 25 year old speakers still have lots of muscle and can be cranked up quite a bit more. Do you hear it now? The whole neighborhood says, ah, yes, the Doors, This is the end. And yes, the Phactors saw them live in the fall of 1966, and we both lived to tell the tale. It wasn't the end, and it won't be tomorrow either, but damn those tunes take me back.

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