Field of Science

Commuting Alternatives

Our fair city together with my institution of employment teamed up to advocate a week where people found alternative means of commuting to and from work or school. This is a grand idea; who wants to get stuck in a rut, so after walking or riding my bicycle to campus for 30+ years, the Phactor is driving this week. The campaign must be pretty successful because parking spaces are easy to find. Now before accusing this poor old man of being a contrarian please remember that this is field season, so every afternoon the troops head out to work on the prairie, and a 20+ mile round trip carrying all the field gear is a bit much to expect even for students, although one particular graduate student did the trip regularly. Now both he and his wife drive these huge gas-guzzling SUVs in matching black. How things change. On the whole the Phactor feels good about his decision to keep with the theme and use an alternative means of commuting.

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