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Wanted: Patron of Botany

What with all the gains in wealth at the top end, the Phactor wants some trickle down. For a mere $10,000 per year you can be my patron! Please understand, most of this money will help feed students because even given a meager faculty salary, especially here in Lincolnland, that much money won't help restock the wine cellar. So not only will you be supporting really interesting botanical research, but bunches of students will be able to eat macaroni and cheese because of your support, and it's a tax writeoff. Oh, yes, you probably don't pay taxes, but it's still biologically charitable. Think of all those acknowledgements for helping understand rainforest ecology and restoration of prairies. Patrons will even be allowed to assist with the field research especially when the treatment is eradication. So, be one of the first 10 patrons to sign up. Contact me at the email address provided on the side bar.

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