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Friday Fabulous Flower - Tree Peony

One of the Phactors great weaknesses is a love of tree peonies. This morning 5 of them in full bloom could be seen from my patio, 4 ranging in color from light pink to purple, and 1 yellow (a particular favorite). So one of them will be today's fabulous flower now that the blogger maintenance is done and us bloggers again have access to our blogs. Each of these blooms is 8-9 inches across. Wow! These are challenging plants in this area; slow to establish, a bit fragile, so now the lure of the intersectional Itoh hybrids is calling where you get the large flowers and great colors in an herbaceous perennial. They appear to flower a bit later than the tree peonies, which flower after the fern-leafed and woodland P. japonica, so a report will be filed later. This will be their 1st flowering season so who knows perhaps another FFF will be in the offing.

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Beth at PlantPostings said...

Beautiful! You're fortunate to have so many in sight from the patio. Must smell amazing, too.