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Friday - Excuse Day

Today is the last day of the semester, period. Yea! But today will be excuse day, the day when students who didn't invest enough time during the semester explain why they have just run out of time completely. It's dull, but a steady plodding along work ethic would well serve many students who allow themselves to be distracted. The Phactor has heard some good stories over the years, but they won't matter. Still if you were abducted by space aliens, cruelly probed, and managed to return, this is certainly something the Phactor understands. Did you manage to bring an artifact to verify your experience? Medical excuses are always good; some combination of three or more broken limbs, but now with voice recognition software even that doesn't keep you from "writing" your assignments. Take if from the old guy; no too many new excuses exist. My college was on the shore of a lake and my roommate majored in fishing, at least that was what he spent most of his time doing. Why did you miss the exam? The fish were really biting! At least he was honest about it and had a creel full of proof. What became of him? He was a high school shop teacher, and a damned good fisherman.

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