Field of Science

Good timing & wild life observations

Gardening and field work have a lot in common; sometimes things go well and other times nature kicks you in the butt. Fertilizing of prairie and gardens, and sowing of some new grass seed, was done just before a nice rainy front arrived. Wow, what good timing. And you decide to sit down and enjoy a cocktail for a TGIF while just looking at your gardens, and goldfinches and an indigo bunting just decide to show up. Great! And then as the Phactor raised his gaze a bit farther out, our wildlife diversity added a species (for 2011), a wood chuck, that model of rodent gluttony and bane of Mrs. Phactor's perennial garden. Parsley and campanulas were the main course, our early lettuce, still in its planter boxes was the salad course. And then just to add a small insult to the injury, you spill your cocktail. That's just how it is. You must remain philosophical, resigned, fatalistic; you either live with nature or fight against it. Excuse me, time to look up a recipe for grilled wood chuck.

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