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Backyard celebration - F1 Birthday

The gardens are getting prettied up a bit because tonight the F1 is having friends over to celebrate her birthday. Other than general readiness, the Phactor's job is to fry a turkey. Now this may sound weird to some of you, but it is hard to describe turkey this good. You think greasy; it isn't. You think dry; it's wonderfully moist. You think dull; but fried turkey is injected with a Cajun spiced marinade. Now of course this all requires some special equipment, some preparation, a bit of know how, and practical experience. Getting 20 lbs of wet turkey into 2.5 gallons of 350F oil is a delicate process requiring some real care. Fried turkey has become the family gathering dinner of preference. A big cooker also does crabs, sweet corn, big batches of just about anything, but this was a bit of a surprise when the F1 asked me to cook one for her friends. Maybe it's because they're beginning to grow up.

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