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What is the right response?

The death of the best known terrorist around, ObinL, may well have been deserved, although my preference is still for courtroom rather than frontier justice, but people reacting with jubilation just seems wrong, as wrong as the cheering throngs abroad after the WTC towers came crashing down. If that seemed wrong to you, then cheering crowds chanting, USA! USA! should seem wrong too. Does anyone actually think this changes very much? Let the Phactor remind people with a militant view that tit for tat is a game without an end or a winner. Our government is neither saintly nor evil, but in the view of many around the world the USA acts like the big bully on the block to interfer and intervene, to influence and alter, and that tends to piss people off, and a few decide to get back at us anyway they can. What if some other country had the ability to "depose" one of our leaders for crimes against humanity for ignoring Geneva conventions, international law, and the like? Ah yes, well that's all very different, but clearly our country is not holding our leaders responsible for such actions, nor was Pakistan going to punish ObinL even they must have known where he was. So the game will continue, and just because nobody else has the where with all to land choppers of elite troops on the east lawn, it is not at all thoughful to act all smug and superior about the present asymmetry of might.

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Sally said...

Well stated, PP... I too felt uncomfortable with this development, and quite uneasy about the implications. Thanks for putting an alternative view out there. Just doesn't sit right.