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Have data, need analysis

Our garden event data shows that virtually everything is happening 10 to 16 days later than last year. But the difference is not universal, so it will take some time to actually compare the two records. Some plants have for years flowered on or about a particular date, and their tardiness suggests things are late this year. Slowly things are beginning to catch up. Local area farmers are way behind in planting schedules according to the news and our prairie is late too, and that's good because the eradication treatment must get finished this week. So much fun, down on your hands and knees weeding a prairie.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. . . here on the coast in Maine (Bay of Fundy) we are substantially ahead of normal (whatever normal is!). My records go back only slightly more than 30 years. With all the work there is to do in the spring it sure throws things off to see all this bursting out all over trend. I feel like the garden is going to run roughshod over my schedule.