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Not enough tree peonies yet

The magic of digital photography allows us to enjoy certain blooms for much longer than they last in the garden. After reading a fairly accurate description of short comings, and eye-popping value of tree peonies over at the Garden Rant, the Phactor chided them a bit in a comment, but then decided maybe we haven't had enough pictures of them in flower yet. So here's a new addition to the stable, part of the back drop of a Japanese garden, remarkable, but ephemeral beauty. Hopefully the hint of pink comes through, but the red pistils are a bit muted in this image. The flower is about 9" across.


Einstein's Brain said...

I saw some lovely tree peonies at the New York Botanical Garden two weeks ago. There were many of them, in various colors. I haven't had experience with them. I was highly impressed with their large blooms and big centers.

The Phytophactor said...

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden has an even better collection of tree peonies and they were at their peak during our first botanical geek tour to NY city. Not an easy plant, but wonderful.