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Manuscript deadline - out of time or end of time?

Enjoying a cup of coffee on a quiet Saturday morning, but the Phactor is worried about a manuscript deadline upcoming, fast. And then an NPR story tells me that rather than being a deadline, it's actually going to be the end of time. So why bother? The true believers are quiting their jobs, spending their money, in anticipation of the best (rapture) or the worst (left behind). It's very hard to take such thinking seriously, and you could feel sorry for these people on May 22nd, but excuses will be made, rationalizations, so that their faith may be preserved undented by the failure of their predictions. End of time predictors have a perfect track record of failure so far, and that doesn't seem to affect the expectations of followers. How sad to have such a life sapping faith. But come Monday, the manuscript will proceed, and perennials have been planted. Such is the strength of my faith.

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