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Pollination success - waiting, waiting.

TPP's apple and pear trees have flowered, and it wasn't the absolute best weather for flowering, and we had a close call the other night with a low temperature near freezing, so now just waiting to see if we have pollination success.  Last year an early spring and a late freeze combined to nuke the entire upper midwest apple crop.  It was grim.  Had to have northern spys shipped in from NY.  It's just a tad to early to judge whether the pollinators did their job or not. Plenty of crab apples were in flower too, so lot's of nearby pollen sources, and no crab apple pollen will not affect the apples, just the apple offspring (seeds).  The pear tree did not flower well, so the display might not have been big enough for good pollination.  Combination of drought and bunnies required redoing most of the raspberry bed this week as well, and this was after giving up on the blue berries.  In the process discovered that the neighbors property adjoining ours is raising a bumper crop of garlic mustard. Each year their seeds repopulate our gardens, so no matter how zealously the Phactors weed, we get more.  Does the military sell surplus flame throwers?  TPP will attempt to widen the weed-free zone along the fence line (on their side!) one way or another.  But guess we're to gardening as Cub fans are to the Cubs, always hopefull, often disappointed.      

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