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A berry pragmatic change in color

For several years TPP has tried to grow blueberries here in the alkaline clay soil, heat, and droughts of the midwest. Let's make a long story short; blueberries don't like these things.  Having condemed quite a number of blueberry plants to death, not without giving them a chance to make it, last summer's heat and drought was sort of the last straw.  Nothing remained but the not-acid-enough soil.  In a bit of impulse shopping, TPP decided that the thing to do is to change color, from blue to black.  Both blue and black make a pretty decent pie.  Both can make a jam or jelly.  But the Rubus will be much easier to grow especially because the modern varieties are thornless.  In the old days picking blackberries was an invitation to considerable injury and probably an infestation of chiggers.  In particular these were very vigorours looking plants, so blue was changed to black.  Now we shall wait and see.   

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