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Fracking threatens - wait for it - quality beer!

OK, the possibility of polluting the environment doesn't seem to arouse public officials into action to strictly regulate fracking, but German beer makers, serious beer makers and consumers, worry about what fracking will do to the main ingredient of beer, water.  German beer is brewed according to the oldest food purity law, the "Beer Purity Law" (Reinheitsgebot) of 1516, and according to this law, high quality water sources are to be protected.  Allowing fracking has the potential to violate this law.  Now it would seem that in terms of what matters in life, beer should always be a higher priority than energy production because if you've been drinking you shouldn't be driving anyways. Unfortunately here in Lincolnland, TPP guesses that most of our state legislators think Bud Lite is pretty good beer.  Sigh.  In a way it makes sense, light beer will ruin the environment!  Will the quality beer brewers here in Lincolnland get going on the anti-fracking program?  Bring this up when in your local brew-pub.

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