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The 100th flowering plant Index - 2010-2013

TPP's 1st day of flowering log provides some interesting data. On May 5th, the 100th different plant in our gardens flowered. This is considerably later than a typical year, if such a thing exists.  In 2010 the 100th flowering event was reached on April 21st, and in 2011 it came on April 27th.  So 2013 is 8 to 16 days behind.  However last year was just much abnormal. The 100th flowering event took place on March 25th!  It was ridiculous!  The 100th flowering event sort of evens things out by taking into account a large number of plants and their reactions to weather events.  In general this date is reached in late April, but obviously a great deal of variation occurs with spring weather events.  Now if something like the melting of the Arctic ice cap alters the pattern of the jet stream, then things may get earlier or later, depending.  Too often we tend to say things, like, it's a late spring, or an early spring, but only when you have some data do you have some real information and the ability to compare.  Only wish our flowering log contained several more years of data.

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