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End of the semester for good or bad

Semesters end, for good or bad, and TPP has seen this happen for the past 40+ years.  The worst aspect of semesters' ends is that they are hectic, rushed, cramped, and just plain ugly what with everything that must be done.  Just about now, or maybe up to a week ago, some students are realizing that it's too late; you can't do a semester's work in a week.  A few are learning that all their effort and hard work have paid off.  It's TPP's job to let the grades reflect this difference; please understand that it's nothing personal.  Here is the annoying part; students' excuses don't matter.  Some of the reasons students did what they did are good, some are bad, all are part of life, and you just deal with it.  TPP has earned at least one of every grade we give, so yes, he understands.  Life goes on; a D in psychology from a psychotic professor who has been terminated at the end of the semester dwindles in importance with time.  Your view of psychology however remains forever framed by this singular event.  Many of TPP's students are going to graduate and they will do just fine; a few still need to learn about the relationship between their effort and outcomes.  A very few, those who found ways to ruin my semester and my mood may find the semester ending most unpleasant as the learn about the consequences of their actions.  The successes and achievements of students way out weigh the failures of one sort or another, so you cannot let the few weigh too heavy on your mind.  Most of students think their "teachers" are ready to embark upon a summer vacation, and a few are, but field work and the other activities of scholarship ratchet up to high gear for the active scientist, and the only difference is that if you don't have grant money, you don't get paid.  You deal with it.   Mrs. Phactor deals with it.  Some students have decided that such activities may make a difference and they are joining in the research in one form or another, and you hope to make it rewarding, informative, and fun, especially the eradication treatment.   

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