Field of Science

Soggy Memorial Weekend

Oh, the gardening plans we had!  Very ambitious, indeed, but over 3 inches of rain will sort of dampen your enthusiasm for gardening.  Things are so wet that water is standing in all the low areas and not only did very little gardening get done, but it will be days before things are dry enough to plant some things.  Well, this puts the Phactors way behind schedule, and as if that weren't bad enough, a couple of editors are telling TPP that he's behind schedule too.  Quite a number of weeds met their demise due to Mrs. Phactor's diligence.  Clearly she's a mudder.  And the weather has been cool too; in the 30s just 4 nights ago. It's keeping some cool loving plants in flower longer, but pushing back the flowering time for others.  A couple of large Deutzia have been in a flowering holding pattern for several days as well as a Kousa dogwood.  Ah well, it's a very different year from last year which was so warm, so early, and this year is late. 

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