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Friday Fabulous Flower - another yellow peony

Well, it was just two weeks ago that the FFF blog was a yellow tree peony, but here's another one.  In this instance flowering about two weeks later is a Itoh hybrid, a cross between a tree peony and a herbaceous peony, so it's not a shrub but has a fairly robust form, sturdier than the standard herbaceous peony, and yellow flowers!  This one was planted three years ago and this year is a three foot diameter mound.  It flowers at the same time as herbaceous peonies, but unlike herbaceous peonies that tend to have flop-pot flowers, flowers literally too big for their stems.  But the Itoh holds its flowers up quite nicely, and you would almost think this is a tree peony except it dies back over the winter although it may be a little woody at the base.  What's not to like?  Sorry TPP was less than enthusiastic about the flowers, they were smaller last year and fewer. 

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