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National day of unreason

Today is actually the national day of prayer here in the USA a day when that one religious segment of the country, albeit a majority, gets some pseudo-official sanction as the one true religion of this country no matter what our constitution says. This seems pretty unreasonable, but probably it will be found constitutional as has the phrase that was only recently inserted into our pledge of allegiance and put on our money, which isn’t for religious purposes, or to promote one particular religion, wink, wink, but just see who howls if you try to remove it.  Today will allow the sanctimonious to declare that all of our national problems would be solved if only we were more religious, and prayed more, or at least were reasonable enough to let the most religious run things the way they wish.  Could we pray that the sanctimonious learn that theocracies of all flavors have a terrible track record on human rights and freedoms, the kind of things that keep blogs like this from being declared blasphemous because it might hurt someone’s religious feelings?   Is that being unreasonable?  Now if we all would just pray for reason to prevail, and our prayers were answered, would religion just totally disappear thus proving the power of prayer once and for all, but when it’s too late? There must be some paper clips to sort or something else even less useful to do rather than think about this. 


Andrew Lane Gibson said...

Enjoyed the post thoroughly; I agree 100%.

mr_subjunctive said...

Could we pray that the sanctimonious learn that theocracies of all flavors have a terrible track record on human rights and freedoms

I'm pretty sure the terrible track record on human rights and freedoms is part of the appeal.

Kraneia said...

I find religion is merely differing points of religion, in essence, is nothing more than a difference of opinion. And it is totally STUPID to argue over a difference of opinion.

Unfortunately, I live in the south, where differing opinions are frowned opon if it involves church.... Many is the time where I've gone to work and found religious literature convienently left behind... This offends even *me*, and I am Christian!

I certainly agree.... religion is a good thing...but it is only part of what makes up the jigsaw puzzle that is the human race.... I think religion, like pretty much everything else, is best in moderation...or as someone else said it, "religion should be how you live your own life, not how you judge the morality of others".


Enézio E. de Almeida Filho said...

Hang in there! Help is on the way! Thy will will be done, soon!