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Upcycling rather than recycling

Alternatives to waste, alternatives to over consumption, alternatives to filling more land-fills are always welcome ideas, and here's a very nice and interesting video of upcycling in Greece.  Now TPP figures that many of you are pretty conscious of and maybe even conscientious about recycling.  Further many of you are in one way or another associated with universities.  Now where else would be a better place to initiate the concept of upcycling than in a university town?  You've got the arty types.  You've got the techie types.  You've got the junk generating types!  And they all need jobs and cash.  Upcycling isn't exactly a new idea. 
TPP grew up with old New England farmers who never threw out anything.  When you needed something, you visited your junk pile, found some bits and pieces, and built it.  The manner, and the creative way these people upcycle is impressive and shows what some imagination can do?  So pass this on; upcycle it so to speak.

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