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GnOPe - Nattering nabobs of negativism

When it became obvious that the minority party was simply going to be opposed to everything and anything proposed by the Obama administration as a matter of principle, TPP decided to start calling them the GnOPe, where the G is silent, NOPE being the operative word.  As annoying and counter productive as this approach to governing is, it pales in comparison to the latest manufactured "scandals".  No question there were mistakes made, people made some poor decisions, but scandals, surely you jest.  In thinking about the GnOPe long-delayed, over-reaction to these events, it reminds you of a small dog worrying the pant cuff of the mailman, for no other reason than to keep Obama from doing anything, and an old phrase came to mind, "Nattering nabobs of negativism."  Thank you, Spiro, such a great phrase, to describe your own party, which of course you would not recognize.

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