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A tiny bit less colorful

This morning was really quite lovely with a promise, a true promise, of spring in the air, but perhaps just a tad less colorful than it was. By strange coincidence, on the way to my coffee shoppe, TPP glanced in the window of a used record store and front and center was a toy Yellow Submarine; how very nostalgic, and this was before discovering that Jack Stokes had died draining just a little bit of color out of the world.  He was best known for being the animation director of the Yellow Submarine.  In 1968 the Yellow Submarine was the epitome of creativity, a story that somehow managed to link a bunch of unrelated Beatles' songs together in a fanciful manner.  The whole animated film was just so imaginative.  TPP thinks his F1 still has a Blue Meanie squeeze toy (Max maybe?).  Clearly the music and the film left an impression on himself. 

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