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PT technology failure

Some technological failures are just so obvious.  This particular PT technology of no great reknown was adopted to save money; the old tri-fold paper towels were just too expensive, but you only had to use one and the dispenser was so simple the only way it could fail was to be empty.  The new paper towels come in a roll of much lighter weight paper and you need to tug down on the paper to dispense the towel and cut it off of the roll, but this takes a bit of force, and one is just barely adequate.  Now here's where the technology actually fails, and in the process demonstrates some industrial research by some dunderheaded paper-perforating engineer, you know the type who design paper cutting, paper perforating equipment for a living, but then who decide it's more fun to fix grand pianos.  Hmm, OK, yes, that's a bit too personal and that particular person had nothing whatever to do with this and his piano fixing is a thing of beauty.  You see it's quite easy to dispense one of the paper towels, to apply enough force to pull it down, when your hands are DRY!  But when your hands are wet, it's almost impossible.  This makes you wonder how this PT dispenser was tested?  Clearly someone was unclear on the concept.  Now what would a good cost analysis discover about the usage, waste, and overall cost of paper towels?  Hmm.   


Anonymous said...

How do you know the specific brand of paper towels were tested with the specific dispenser? I suspect the non-engineer facilities manager just combined the cheapest dispenser they found with the cheapest paper towel.

The Phytophactor said...

Oh, please, not the you-didn't-use-the-right-PT excuse.

Unknown said...

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