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Marriage in Lincolnland Discriminates

Lincolnland is trying to decide if gay marriage will be legal, and from TPP’s perspective, how can it not be, particularly because civil unions for gay couples have been approved already?  So what’s the controversy?  There really isn’t any because the proposed law does not compel any religion to perform a marriage for any couple they disapprove of.   TPP was quite fortunate to have gotten married long, long ago, in a place far, far away, because presently the Catholic Church surely would not allow him to marry one of theirs, if she still was one of theirs.  Conversely, our church has no problem with the idea of gay marriage, but our church is prevented from exercising its freedom of religion by another religion whose practices have become codified into law.  Our local dolt representative is a member of the GnOPe, so he has a non-reasoning, knee-jerk response which seems to simply be, no, he won’t vote for it.  Well, here’s a message for our representative.  In case you didn’t know, religion does not own marriage here in Lincolnland, although a religious organization has claimed [Marriage] “is not a civil right; marriage was created by God and cannot be modified by anybody except God.”   Well, folks, you may believe that, but it isn’t in fact true and that train pulled out of the station a long, long time ago because any heterosexual couple, even if atheists,  can go right down to the courthouse, sign a piece of paper, and without a single religious blessing or reference, be married. And so can gay couples except it's a civil union. So the only question remaining, and this may not have occurred to our representative’s little GnOPe brain is why aren’t all committed couples equal before the law?  Why does the change in wording of civil union to marriage make this a no-no?  Is it because of your religious beliefs tell you it’s wrong if they are gay? If so, why should your “freedom” of religion be allowed to prevent the freedom of another religion?   Is it because your religion is, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, the one true religion?  So why do I care what you believe except you get to decide for everyone, a mistake that will have to be corrected by our democratic process.  Perhaps you haven’t read the US constitution lately; a refresher course is suggested. 


Anonymous said...

I often lurk here in Phyto Land, enjoying your witticisms about all things green, etc. etc.

Larissa said...

Guess Mrs. Phactor told you about the response the ol' F1 got from the well reasoned plea in favor of marriage equality she sent off to her state representative. The request for said representative to quantify his "no" answer has not been met. Considering the option of seeing just how many of his constituents I can get to write him to say they too think marriage equality should be law in our state and see if numbers would get him to change his mind. If that doesn't work, maybe the F1 will think about forming an exploratory committee to give this man an actual competitor for his next re-election. Getting tired of receiving the same answer to every question from "my" elected officials.