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Bye, bye, bunnies!

Our wildlife friendly yard is so friendly it harbors a remarkable number of fox squirrels and rabbits.  Foxes do frequent the yard every so often, and so do Cooper's hawks, but they are primarily bird predators.  So while enjoying our lunch, it seemed as if rather few squirrels and birds were around.  Then our attention was drawn to activity high above in the crown of a large tulip tree, a mating pair of red-tailed hawks!  Nest making activities and mating were ongoing.  A couple of pairs of Cooper's hawks live not too far away and they often forage in our yard, but the red-tail is not a common urban hawk although quite common outside of town.  So how many rabbits does it take to feed a family of red-tailed hawks?  Oh, this is quite exciting, and a new bird record for our property.  Bye, bye, bunnies! 

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