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Gadzooks! Another bamboo bicycle!

The intertubes are just alive with cool vehicles today!  Here's a bamboo tricyle actually, but boy, are you going to get noticed arriving at the office in this baby!  Love the way this trike looks!  But rather than bamboo, could this be rattan?  Whatever, it combines a sort of classic with a futuristic look.  And it was so cool to look at that TPP almost didn't realize what he could see in the background.  Any of you other world travelers recognize where this photograph was taken?  Hope my F1 is observant.  Yes, Melbourne, Australia.

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Jeff Wagner said...

Bamboo made cycle looks really amazing in the picture. Several things now available those are made by bamboo and this bicycle looks stunning. I would love to use a bamboo bicycle. In fact I am using a bamboo covered smartphone and a bamboo wrist watch. Thanks for sharing this amazing post.