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Obama scores a point

TPP isn't a huge fan of our president, e.g. drones, habeas corpus, secrecy ,and more, but he's certain that Mittens and Eddie Munster would have been a great deal worse.  So given much of TPP's disappointment, he was extraordinarily pleased that Obama presented the government of Israel with a magnolia, Magnolia grandiflora, it appears, the southern magnolia. Now this is a world-class gift!  One that TPP is quite jealous of.  Imagine my surprise when last year a quite remarkable local private garden sported a very hardy southern magnolia.  It's just no fair!  TPP's garden doesn't have a location that protected, so he must make do with other magnolias.  In an effort to be modest, TPP will not intimate that the idea of giving a magnolia, instead of the ever so trite Franklinia, was his. 

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