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Yikes! Mass Migration!

College towns are nice places to live most of the time.  Tomorrow is one of those days you learn to dread.  Thousands of students will migrate in tomorrow, mostly freshmen, mostly dorm residents.  The whole town will be a giant traffic jam most of the day, cars filled with students, student stuff, and suffering parents.  Students these days just have more stuff, they need more stuff, and they take it all with them.  Fortunately the bike trail is off limits to cars, and the back routes will stay open to bike traffic of us savey locals.  It's a time to be extremely careful driving because some student texting away is very likely to walk right in front of you, and distracted/impatient/inexperienced drivers unfamiliar with the area will be flooding the town.  TPP has already witnessed an accident involving student drivers were running a stop sign by accident resulted in T-boning another car filled with students.  So watch out!  Students descend on us tomorrow! 

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