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Lawn chair tree

No sooner had the wooden motorcycle post gone out than a colleague called my attention to these people ("Pooktre") who grow furniture and trees that look like people.  TPP has always had a fascination for things grown from trees (footbridges from fig roots, tree houses, and towers too), and growing chairs is strange and wonderful.  Clearly this is not an enterprise for the hasty person.  You think, "I'd like to sit here on my patio and look at the garden."  But rather than pull up a chair you plant a tree and begin pruning and bending, and you wait a decade for your chair to grow.  So you'd better be really, really certain of which way you want to look.  And same goes with planting the table (yes they've got one) so you have a place for your drink.  Too bad if you want to rearrange things.  This takes a fair amount of imagination combined with some practical knowledge to get trees to grow this way, sort of practical large scale bonsai.  You hope this is just a hobby because it doesn't seem possible anyone can make enough money growing furniture.  Enjoy. 


tike mik said...

Bonsai trees for sale are often thought of as a dwarf tree by beginners. The reality is that they are just normal trees that are kept small due to small containers and regular trimming.

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