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Hybrid F1 produce

The first summer produce obtained from TPP's kitchen garden this week amounted to a small hand full of cherry tomatoes and a 4 inch long cucumber.  The combination of heat, drought, and herbivores has rendered this one of the least successful gardens in a long history of gardening.  Even the foundation bed garden next to our apartment in Australia, the one that went from sunny to shady when the sun's transit shifted its position from the north side to the south side of the E-W oriented building.  When you grow up in the northern temperate zone, you don't think of such things the first time you live in the tropics.  So this year is at the rock bottom.  This is also the year that the F1 had the opportunity to have her first garden.  It's quite modest in size, but inside a well fenced yard that keeps critters at bay, as if any would risk dealing with the Bear, her very large cat, so her little garden looks great. At any rate the F1 feels sorry for her parents' suffering in the decrepitude of their garden and has brought over a care package consisting of cucumbers, a rather weird zucchini, and assorted tomatoes.  How nice that her garden is doing so well she can afford some payback.  If our garden this year was her first garden, she'd never plant another zucchini seed. 

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