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Survival - Goal of the 1st week of the semester

Survived and here to blog about it!  At a previous faculty meeting several curricular changes had been approved, and in retrospective reflection they occasioned several more changes in a domino sort of effect.  So having suggested what needed to do be done, TPP asked about what sort of deadline we had, mind you this deadline is to submit changes not for the next academic year, but for the one hence, and the of course the deadline for submitting all of this was yesterday afternoon, yes, Friday of the first week of classes, just as if we had nothing else to do.  This certainly makes sense on the calendars of these administrative office dwellers, but leaves trench-dwellers wondering if they have any idea at all about what is going on the rest of the campus.  Last class of the week is a new class with 18 students and it only meets on Friday.  Decided it would be a good idea to have them attend a couple of seminars during the semester and the dept hosts three different seminars weekly at three different times, so guess what percent of the class cannot attend any of seminars?  50%  Yes, 9 of the 18 have class conflicts for all 3 times!  Annoyance.  One student will miss 5 of the 15 classes because of sports travel on Fridays, and he still registered for a Friday class.  Now this raises a puzzling question, our university has a football player (he's big enough) that majors in biology!  Another student has the perfect Friday excuse, a note from her physician that she is subject to sudden and debilitating migraine headaches.  Wonder if they occur more on Fridays than other days of the week.  Maybe a call to this physician would be amusing.  The rest of the details would not horrify you, only bore you, but that's enough to demonstrate that while Monday through Thursday went well enough, Friday was a terrible day.  At least some online curricular tools allowed TPP to meet the deadline, and without upsetting or annoying or surprising my boss.  Saturday has all the hallmarks of being a quiet, somewhat lazy day, and that couldn't be more perfect.

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