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Gun Rhetoric Baloney

The recent shooting in New York City exposes the empty rhetoric of concealed carry advocates.  These scaredy-cats want to be able to carry a concealed weapon anywhere and their usual rhetoric is to claim that these random terrorist shooters wouldn't have killed or wounded so many people if people like them were packing their heat. So there you are, enjoying a movie, and suddenly in the darkened room someone starts shooting;  BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! The confusion, the noise, the screams, the panic, the running, falling people, and our hero of concealed carry will calmly pull their weapon, zero in on the virtually invisible shooter and drop them in their tracks.  Sure.  Just for reference let's see how the trained professionals, and members of a well-regulated militia, did under much less trying circumstances.  Confronting a lone gunman in NYC, one plainly seen, two policemen fire 16 rounds and killed the gunman and hit 9 innocent by-standers.  Yes, real poster boys for the concealed carry movement.  There is the reality; under circumstances of random shootings lots of innocent people get hurt and it's very hard to argue that you're safer with more shooters around.  There aren't too many people who behave like the Will Smith character in MIB 1 when in the heat and confusion of the moment he only fired one shot at little Debbie while the armed forces blazed away at aliens of all sorts, but the ratio in the real world isn't that good. 

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Jenn said...

I love the little Debbie scene. Cracks me up, everytime. J had that something special, he did.