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Dipping a toe into the polluted waters of politics

TPP generally stays away from politics because this topic is just too depressing for an intellectual, science-minded, educator who supports social justice and real equality.  Still a few thoughts occur to me.  First, nothing said during a campaign should be given any credence at all.  Truth is always a casualty.  Right now so many pants are on fire that the heat will contribute to global warming.  Second, so how do you know what a politician will do if you can't believe anything they say?  You see how they behave, how they treat others, and their own.  With that in mind, we have the GnOPe party leadership, which knows Mittens has the nomination all sewn up, screwing over Ron Paul delegates so that no dissent would be heard whatsoever.  Now think about it.  If this is how they treat their own party members, delegates chosen by their own people, at their own convention, imaging what they could do, what they will do, to you if they gain control of Congress and the administration?  The GnOPe will not govern, they will rule as if they had divine right.  All hail Mittens the monarch and his empress of white, wealthy America. 
Oh, TPP feels much better now.  Still depressed, but not so stressed about it. 

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