Field of Science


Mileposts are nothing really but reminders of how far we've come and how far we have to go.  Sciatic Pain has just become the 100th Phactor Phollower, and although the nickname is not very auspicious, judgement will be reserved.  He looks nice enough, except maybe on a dark street corner late at night, and he likes weird stuff, and every now and again TPP likes to see what things register on his weird-stuff-o-meter.  The 100 phollower milepost has taken almost 4 and a half years of blogging to reach, so TPP isn't hasn't set any records and isn't exactly hauling them in like a big tent evangelist, but phollowers keep signing up at the rate of about one every two weeks.  The very first phollower was a nephew who felt sorry for his uncle's blog that had no followers at all.  It's like putting some money in a basket before it's passed around to psychologically encourage more donations, and Mrs. Phactor keeps saying, "Don't encourage him, he's bad enough as is."  So thank you phollowers for the encouragement; thank you to the chatty ones, and the silent ones.  Although no plans are being made to greatly alter blog content, TPP has lately avoided politcal comment altogether because it's just been too damned depressing to think about.  Even garden failure and drought are less depressing.  So must run.  It's TPP's turn to cook dinner, and 2% of you will be there.  


Duane Nash said...

LOLZ proud to be the one to help reach your 100th!!!


Duane Nash said...

HAHAHa happy to help you out!!!!