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How many wooden nickels do you need to buy this motorcycle?

TPP has long had a strange fascination with wood.  Technically wood is secondary xylem, and it's what makes trees possible.  Unfortunately it happens to be very good for building and making lots of things, so human desire for wood has done lots of damage to trees, forests, and our environment.  Still you can marvel at the stange things people make out of wood, but this one is quite amazing, a motorcycle made from wood.  That includes the gas tank which is made from an old wine cask and wheel rims.  The cows' horns (handle bars & exhaust) are sort of cheaty though, but something tells me this guy isn't a purist about anything.  More Flintstone than anything else.  Oh yeah, have your garage checked for termites before parking your wooden bike.  And you don't want someone to try to "chop" this bike! 

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