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Table Manners

Right now is a tough time for flowers, the late summer ebb in flowering augmented by a summer drought, and a tough time to have time to blog, so the Friday Fabulous Flower is a no go this week.  The start of a semester is always filled with crazy, and deadlines, and crazy deadlines, and students, and crazy students, and - take a breath; hold it and exhale slowly.  Reach for the calm above the storm.  So a few short cheap blogs will have to do, so how about this for table manners?  This big lug, who belongs to the F1, is a cat with nothing but the best table manners.  Notice the calm, relaxed demeanor, the ethereal wa of the napping cat, the epitome of catness.  Isn't that what tables are for?  Isn't that what naps are for.  Isn't that what cats are for?  Notice how it all comes together, a wonderful oneness.


JaneB said...

He's so beautiful! (Cats get away with anything if they look cute enough).

Diane said...

Here is a fabulous flower that might bloom and be done before Friday:
The link is a livecast of a carrion flower in a University of Rhode Island greenhouse.

The Phytophactor said...

Ah, a titan arum. TPP had a smaller species and it flowered in our house. This was a big mistake.
Thanks for the line.