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Fun with food - carved watermelons

The thing about carving watermelons is that you've got a pretty big chunk of material to work with in comparison to most fruits.  The first place TPP ever saw such remarkable fruit carving was in Thailand where carved fruit is a common feature at almost all fancy banquets and dinners.  There are culinary schools in Thailand where they teach fruit carving, and people become specialists in this skill.  No idea where all the carved watermelons in this photo essay come from, but they certainly look like the ones from Thailand.  Use this link to see the rest of the photoessay.  While quite handsome, in many respects the carved pumpkins featured previously were more creative; maybe Halloween brings out more of the macabre in fruit carvers.


Anonymous said...

Most beautiful carving work! Virtuosly carved melon!

Anonymous said...

Virtuosly carved watermelon!