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Spring sprung, sprang!

According to my data, the Phactors ususally have 5-6 plants that flower in March.  So far this year 35 plants have flowered in March, and there's still quite a few days left!  Unfortunately, the metabolisms of many early spring flowers are just not adapted for temperatures in the high 70s and low 80s, so at these temperatures, things do not last long.  Bloodroot popped up, flowered, and was done in 3 days.  Three days!  It's like watching regular spring flowering in super fast speed.  Wow!  Today was spent removing rabbit barrier fences and pruning some trees and shrubs.  Two dwarf apples, Nova spys (terrific new dwarf version of a great, superb, apple variety), and one is growing wonderfully, lots of spur shoots and flowering, the other is reaching for the sky, no spurs, no flowering.  The pruning will be severe.  After pounding on a dwarf pear for the last couple of years, it's beginning to shape up, and is going to flower for the first time.  Mrs. Phactor will be most pleased as the pear tree was for her.  But if the heat isn't turned down soon, the flowering timeline will really get things our of whack.  Fortunately, pollinators have been active too, and carpenter bees were busy at the bush cherry. 

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