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Mitt called - The Phactor is feeling popular!

Mitt called.  He wants my vote.  In fact he’s called at least 3 times.  He said that if the Phactor stayed on the line my questions could be part of an online town hall meeting.  Too bad it would have interrupted my annual St. Pat’s corned beef dinner.  In the first call Mitt reminded me what a terrible person Rick Sanctimonious was, and how Rick had actually vote funding for Planned Parenthood (but only because it was buried in a bill with lots of other worthwhile things).  The Phactor was unaware that Rick had ever done one single worthwhile thing, so unfortunately for Mitt, point Rick. Planned Parenthood is a great organization.  It is too bad we did not get a chance to chat.  Mitt’s views on getting so much support from very rich people, who think they don’t get enough voice in our country, and from corporate people, who think they don’t get enough voice in our country, but are getting more and more, would be interesting because why would they be supporting him if they did not think a president like Mitt would help the rich and powerful and the corporate persons?  And if they are right, then voting for Mitt would be like hosing yourself, fiscally, politically.  So wish he could have explained how his concept of democracy works.  It might have been interesting to ask how anyone knows what Mitt actually stands for having changed his position on so many issues so many times.  How does one know when a politician is pandering, saying what they think you want to hear just to get your vote, or when they actually are being sincere?  Of course anyone from the northeast or upper Midwest who tries to say “Y’all”, or says they like cheesy grits, is pandering, period.  So unfortunately Mitt is the least trustworthy of all the GnOPe candidates, but somehow the most reasonable?  What does that say about the other 3?  However, this year’s corned beef was superb. 

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Unknown said...

Glad to hear your corned beef was delicious. One of my favorite foods ever.