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Climate Change - What to do?

Whenever the Phactor looks too closely, or actually pays any attention at all, to our governing bodies, and what they do and what they are incapable of doing, he gets very depressed.  All the more so when they deny reality and insist on governing according to their own alternative reality. Therefore it's quite uplifting to read someone who not only studies such depressing topics, but then can turn around and think about quite practical solutions once you understand a couple of basic facts.  One, global climate change is inevitable.  Two, governing bodies cannot, will not, do anything about it, and hopefully, history will treat these dumb heads unkindly.  Three, humans are animals and part of the ecology, and whether we like it or not, our actions have a big impact on every thing.  Four, climate change may be severe enough to greatly alter the ecosystems' ability to provide for our basic needs.  So what practical things can we do?   Here's a rational article on this subject.  Let us know what you think?  

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Amelie said...

I didn't see any actual solutions on there, my suggestion would be to pressure the snot out of our governments (all of them) to bring back rail cars, more train systems, bike lanes, everywhere. Eliminate coal, give out solar panels for free. Educate people to grow their own food on their lawns, massive push for multistorey crop growing. It will take every person on the planet at this point, I wonder just when people will wake up to this.